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Drug Store Name, Click for Maps & Directions Address
Adherex Technologies Inc 600 Peter Morand Cres
Alchemist Pharmacy Essaim 2-1121 Meadowlands Dr
An Pharmacy 100-829 Somerset St W
Ashburn Pharmacy Services 2306-1081 Ambleside Dr
Astley's Pharmasave 423 Rideau St
B.A. Wells Healthcare Consulting Inc 193 James St
Bay Pharmacy 73 Rideau St
Bayshore Pharmacy Limited 3029 Carling Ave
Bell Pharmacy 737 Gladstone Ave
Blossom Park Pharmacy 2928 Bank St
Bridlewood Drug Mart 64 Stonehaven Dr
Brogan Inc 410-2249 Carling Ave
Bruyere Family Medicine Centre 75 Bruyere St.
Bruyere Pharmacy 43 Bruyere St
Bureau Of Biologicals & Radiopharm Dept Of Health & Welfare, Tunneys Pasture
Bureau Of Pharm Assessment Fincl Bldg D-275, Tunney'S Pasture
C.F. Health Care Centre Pm Medical Equipment, G2536/R - 469/C-Wing, 1745 Alta Vista Dr
CADTH 600-865 Carling Ave
Canada Chemists 102-1919 Riverside Dr
Canadian Agency for Drugs & Technology in Health 600-865 Carling Ave
Canadian Coord Health Technology Assessment 600-865 Carling Ave
Canadian Forces Drug Exc Centre Dept Of Nat Defense Head Quart, 1745 Alta Vista Dr
Canadian Forces Drug Exception Centre D Med Pol Room 212, 1745 Alta Vista Dr
Canadian Forces Health Services Centre Ottawa Pharmacy Dept, 1745 Alta Vista Dr
Canadian Forces Services Group National Defence Medical Centre, 1745 Alta Vista Dr Rm 205
Canadian Health Services Research Found 301-11 Holland Ave
Canadian Institute For Health Inform 200-377 Dalhousie St
Canadian Pharmacists Assoc 1785 Alta Vista Dr
Canadian Public Health Assoc 1565 Carling Ave
Canadian Society Of Hospital Pharmacists Unit 3 - 30 Concourse Gate
CDI College Pharmacy Technican Program, 1200 St. Laurent Blvd
Children's Hospital Of Eastern Ont Pharmacy Dept, 401 Smyth Rd
Common Drug Review 865 Carling Ave, Suite# 600
Costco Pharmacies 415 West Hunt Club Rd
Costco Pharmacy 1849 Merivale Rd
Directorate of Medical Policy Pharmacy Standards & Policies, 1745 Alta Vista Dr Rm 214
Drug Basics 1465 Merivale Rd
Drugstore Pharmacy 2210C Bank St
Drugstore Pharmacy 375 Rideau St
Drugstore Pharmacy 3201 Greenbank Rd
Drugstore Pharmacy 2681 Alta Vista Dr
Drugstore Pharmacy 190 Richmond Rd
Drugstore Pharmacy 296 Bank St
Drugstore Pharmacy Real Canadian Superstore, 4270 Innes Rd
First Care Pharmacy 10-4 Lorry Greenberg Dr
Government Of Canada Privy Council Office, 155 Queen St
Government Of Canada Privy Council, 85 Sparks St
Green Street Pharmacy 16 Green St
Guardian Medical Pharmacy 1385 Bank St
H M A Pharmacy Ltd 2948 Baseline Rd
Health Canada 2nd Floor/Health Prot Bldg, Tunneys Pasture
Health Canada Health Protection Branch, 3rd Fl, 123 Slater St
Health Canada 101 Tunney's Pasture Diveway
Health Canada Finance Bldg, 2/F-1600 Scott St, Tunney'S Pasture
Health Canada Pl 0702e7, Tunney'S Pasture
Health Canada Tunney'S Pasture, Address Locator 1920d
Health Canada Medical Services Branch, Jeanne Mance Bldg, Tunney'S Pasture
Health Canada Therapeutic Products Directora, 2nd Fl Tower B, 1600 Scott St
Health Canada Health Canada, Office Of Controlled Substance, 123 Slater St
Health Canada Biologics & Genetic Therapies, Tunneys Pasture
Health Canada Medical Devices Bureau, Stats Can Main Bldng, Rm 1605
Health Canada 123 Slater St., 2nd Floor, MadDonald Building
Health Canada Marketed Hlth Products Directo, Tunney's Pasture A/L 0701C
Health Canada Health Benefit Bra Non-Insured Health Benefit, Tunney'S Pasture, Jeanne-Mance Bldg
Health Canada NIHB-Review Centre Graham Spry Building, 6th Floor, Address Locator 2006D
Island Pharmacy 302-595 Montreal Rd
Katharine Gourlie Associates 171 James St
La Cite Collegiale 801 Aviation Pkwy
Lyan Pharmacy 752a Somerset St W
Marketed Health Products and Safety(Health Canada) Effectiveness Information Dvision, Tunney's Pasture , AL:0701C
McNeil Parkdale Pharmacy Ottawa Ltd 1077 Carling Ave
MDS Nordion 447 March Rd
Medical Arts Dispensary of Ottawa (2003) Ltd 160 Elgin St
Medical Pharmacy 770 Broadview Ave
Medical Pharmacy 100-2319 St. Laurent Blvd
Medicine Shoppe 476 Holland Ave
Medico Dental Pharmacy Woodroffe Professional Centre, 356 Woodroffe Ave
Medico-Dental Pharmacy 1750 Russell Rd
Medisystem Pharmacy 1-20 Gurdwara Rd
Methadrug 401 Somerset St W
Methadrug Clinic 304-311 McArthur Ave
Minto Place Drug Mart 407 Laurier Ave W
Montfort Hospital Pharmacy Dept, 713 Montreal Rd
Montfort Hospital (Emerg Dept) 713 Montreal Rd
Montreal Road Pharmacy I-876 Montreal Rd
NAPRA 750-220 Laurier Ave W.
New Edinburgh Pharmacy 5 Beechwood Ave
Non-Insured Health Benefits Program - Health Canada Jeanne Mance Bldg., 19th FL., Tunney's Pasture , Add. Loc. 1919D
Nutri Chem Pharmacy Ltd 1303 Richmond Rd
O'Connor Pharmacy 267 O'Connor St
Office of Controlled Substances (Health Canada) 123 Slater St., 3rd Floor, Address Locator #3503B
Oncomat Rx Diagnostic & Therapeutics Inc 1740 Woodroffe Ave
Ontario Regional Cancer Center Pharmacy Department, 503 Smyth Road
Ottawa Hospital General Campus, 501 Smyth Rd
Ottawa Hospital Heart Institut Pharmacy Dept, 40 Ruskin Street
Ottawa Hospital Heart Institute Civic Campus, 40 Ruskin St
Ottawa Medical Pharmacy 797 Somerset St W
Ottawa Natural Clinic Pharmacy Burnside Building, 151 Slater St
Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre General Campus, 503 Smyth Rd
Patented Medical Prices Review 333 Laurier Ave, Suite 1400
Perley & Rideau Vets Health Centre Pharmacy Dept, 1750 Russell Rd
Pest Management Reg Agency Pmra, Health Canada, 2250 Riverside Dr
Pharm Canadian Drug Mart 71 Willow St
Pharma Plus 1980 Ogilvie Rd
Pharma Plus Lincoln Heights Galleria, 2525 Carling Ave
Pharma Plus Montreal Square, 594 Montreal Rd
Pharma Plus Government Of Canada Building, 240 Sparks St
Pharma Plus Hampton Park Plaza, 1415 Carling Ave
Pharma Plus Herongate Mall, 1670 Heron Rd
Pharmacie Brisson Pharmacy Ltd 270 Dalhousie St
Pharmacie Campus Pharmacy 100 Marie Curie Pvt
Pharmacie Desjardins Limited 298 Dalhousie St
Pharmacie Desjardins Limited 501 Smyth Rd
Pharmacie Desjardins Limited Civic Campus, 1053 Carling Ave
Pharmacie La Colombe Pharmacy 745B Montreal Rd
Pharmacy Consultant Services 97 Mcclellan Rd
Pharmacy Desjardins Limited 1100 Algoma Rd
Pharmasave Apothecary 778 Bank St
Pharmed Consultants Inc 37a Robinson Ave
Primrose Family Medicine Centre 35 Primrose Ave
Queens Pharmacy Ltd 110 Bearbrook Rd
Rexall Pharma Plus 1190 Wellington St
Rexall Pharma Plus Elmvale Acres Shopping Centre, 1910 St Laurent Blvd
Rexall Pharma Plus Carlingwood Plaza, 35a-2121 Carling Ave
Rexall Pharma Plus Billings Bridge Shopping Cntre, 2269 Riverside Dr
Rexall Pharma Plus 29-1620 Scott St
Rexall Pharma Plus 1615 Orleans Blvd
Rexall Pharma Plus 200 Rideau St
Rideau Pharmacy 390 Rideau St
Riverside Court Pharmacy 7-3635 Rivergate Way
Robertson Pharmacy 130 Robertson Rd
RSJ Health 9 Button Crt
Rx & D 1220-55 Metcalfe St
Sco Hospital Pharmacy Dept, Elisabeth Bruyere Pavilion, 43 Bruyere St
Sco Hospital Pharmacy Dept, St Vincent Pavilion, 60 Cambridge St
Shas Pharmacy Limited 1428 Walkley Rd
Shoppers Drug Mart St Laurent Shopping Centre, 1200 St Laurent Blvd, Po Box 153
Shoppers Drug Mart 1830 Bank St
Shoppers Drug Mart 1469 Merivale Rd
Shoppers Drug Mart 90 Metcalfe St
Shoppers Drug Mart Fairlawn Plaza, 2150 Carling Ave
Shoppers Drug Mart 161 Bank St
Shoppers Drug Mart Hunt Club Centre, 3310 Mccarthy Rd
Shoppers Drug Mart Westgate Shopping Centre, 1309 Carling Ave
Shoppers Drug Mart 2638 Innes Rd
Shoppers Drug Mart Rideau Centre, 125-50 Rideau St
Shoppers Drug Mart 595 Montreal Rd
Shoppers Drug Mart 15-2515 Bank St
Shoppers Drug Mart 3657 Richmond Rd
Shoppers Drug Mart Hog's Back Plaza, 888 Meadowlands Dr E
Shoppers Drug Mart 1559 Alta Vista Dr
Shoppers Drug Mart 499 Terry Fox Dr
Shoppers Drug Mart 585 Montreal Rd
Shoppers Drug Mart 1460 Richmond Rd
Shoppers Drug Mart 1937 Portobello Blvd
Shoppers Drug Mart 1582 Bank St
Shoppers Drug Mart 700-702 Bank St
Shoppers Drug Mart 3940 Innes Rd
Shoppers Drug Mart 2954 St. Joseph Blvd
Shoppers Drug Mart 3080 Carling Ave
Sintera Inc 1750 Athans Ave
Smart & Biggar 900-55 Metcalfe St
Smyth Medical Pharmacy 1929 Russell Rd
Sollys Pharmacy Greenboro Plaza, 6-25 Tapiola Cres
Somerset Drugs 708-A Somerset St W
Southbank Drugs Ltd 2440 Bank St
The Drugstore Pharmacy 1980 Ogilvie Rd
The Medicine Shoppe 580 Rideau St
The Medicine Shoppe Kent Professional Building, 381 Kent St
The Ottawa Fertility Centre Dispensary 955 Green Valley Cres
The Ottawa Hospital Pharmacy Dept, General Campus, 501 Smyth Rd
The Ottawa Hospital Pharmacy Dept, Civic Campus, 1053 Carling Ave
The Ottawa Hospital Pharmacy Dept, Riverside Campus, 1967 Riverside Dr
The Prescription Shop Carleton Tech & Train Centre, 1125 Colonel By Dr
The Rehabilitation Centre Pharmacy Dept, 505 Smyth Rd
The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre Pharmacy Dept, 1145 Carling Ave
The Salvation Army Grace Hospital Pharmacy Dept, 1156 Wellington St
Towngate I.D.A. Pharmacy Towngate Shopping Centre, 115-2446 Bank St
University Of Ottawa Health Clinic 300 -100 Marie Curie St
University Of Ottawa Heart Ins (Cardiac Surgical Unit), 40 Ruskin St
Veterans Affairs Canada Federal Healthcare Partnership, 66 Slater St, Suite 200
Victoria Pharmacy 1059 Wellington St
Village Drug Mart 425 St Laurent Blvd
Wal-Mart Pharmacy Lincoln Heights Galleria Mall, 1350 Richmond Rd
Wal-Mart Pharmacy 2210 Bank St
Wal-Mart Pharmacy 450 Terminal Ave
Watson's Pharmacy 192 Main St
Westboro Pharmasave 421 Richmond Rd
White Cross Dispensary (Ottawa) Ltd 264 Elgin St
White Haven Pharmacy 2255 Carling Ave
Woodroffe Pharmacy 1637 Woodroffe Ave
Zellers Pharmacy Zellers Plaza, 1055 St Laurent Blvd
Zellers Pharmacy Billings Bridge Plaza, 44-2277 Riverside Dr
Zellers Pharmacy Zellers Plaza, 59 Robertson Rd